Case Study: Moulding with Silicone

An overview of nested tooling, its requirements, advantages and disadvantages.

The Challenge

When our customer first came to us they were after searching and failing to find a company that would work with their requirement of silicone moulding. Silicone is a man made material that is typically inert, contains low toxicity levels and is largely heat-resistant. Rubber has been used for centuries but today silicone acts as a good substitute for rubber but not every company has the capability to use it.

The Process

When our customer came to us, we applied our “Can Do” attitude to the situation and thoroughly searched all avenues for the customer to achieve their product needs. We set about learning the who, how and whys and soon we had agreed to invest in the customers product by putting in place 2 Desma machines capable of handling silicone. That was over 10 years ago, and we are still manufacturing our customer electrical distribution insulating parts in silicone to this day.


“Thormac have engineering expertise, it isn’t just a press a button. They give us confidence.”

Moulding with silicone