Case Study: Low – Medium runs

Using automation to cater for low and medium size batch runs.

The Challenge

Injection moulding allows for high production output rates. Here at Thormac we cater for all production needs, including low to medium run sizes. That is why one customer came to us as they were continually being charged set time where they had low volume runs. They had over 90 tools and some of the lower volume product was being “priced off” the market.

The Solution

We took on the transfer of the tools, the repair and medication of the tools and we also took the small with the medium volume runs.

Some of the parts needed inserts and again this to them was a problem but to us it is what we can offer. The close tolerances they needed was achieved using our Wittman Battenfield 180 and 350 ton machines. We fully automated the products allowing them the cost benefits of our investment in Automation, Machines and Quality Procedures.

We are ISO9002 approved and we are now working on Automotive, Aerospace and Medical certifications to be in place as of early next year..

low - medium runs