Anti Static Treatment

Anti Static Treatment

An overview of nested tooling, its requirements, advantages and disadvantages.

The Challenge

Our customer came to us with a query. They were looking for cost reduction and quantity output in regard to their antistatic treatment process for their jars. Here at Thormac, we will always try our best to satisfy our customers and this is what we achieved with this situation.

The Process

Over a period of time, we costed 7 different materials and following suit, trialled 5 of those in order to find the optimum solution needed. Over the next 3-6months, all the machinery and tooling needed to produce the anti static treatment were moved to our production facilities. We began moulding jars from the outset and were able to produce much higher volumes due to our 24 hour production running times. We have adhered to strict protocols and run random destructive testing to ensure we produce the perfect product for the customer. Applying our positive, “can do” attitude we have been producing anti static jars in a range of sizes for the past 10 years.

“Thormac have a recipe that they use to remove the static from diamonds in the jars. No one else in the locality can do this.”

Anti Static Treatment
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