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At Thormac we pride ourselves on our close relationships with our partners. It is this very relationship that is at the heart of our success and the success of our customers.

thormac equipment
thormac equipment
thormac equipment
thormac equipment


50 Years of innovation

SEKESUI KYDEX® has created innovations in plastic solutions for over 50 years. Thormac is among the first companies to partner with KYDEX® to provide injection moulded parts made with this material.

KYDEX® Thermoplastics are a globally recognized leader in high-performance polymer sheets, which provide ample design flexibility, are inherently antimicrobial and chemically resistant. Featuring integral color, KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheet is ideal for large parts.

Matching colour to a range of different material shapes and sizes can be difficult, which leads to devices being made of mixed materials that are painted to look seamless. To overcome this challenge, SEKISUI KYDEX developed KYDEX® Injection Molding resins with the same physical properties as KYDEX® Thermoplastic sheet and ideal for small intricate parts. When used together, they deliver an overall seamless aesthetic from part to part. This material is particularly beneficial when used for medical devices, in-vitro handheld devices and also in aircraft interiors. These applications require a more durable and resistant material, combined with integral aesthetics. This makes KYDEX® the obvious choice for injection-moulded parts in these industries.

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Enterprise Ireland

Developing global markets


Enterprise Ireland is the agency responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.

Enterprise Ireland has been crucial to the success of Thormac, having worked together for over 12 years. In this time, Enterprise Ireland has offered Thormac many supports. One of the key milestones passed by Thormac was completion of a Management Buyout from One51 in 2015. Since then, Enterprise Ireland have been imperative in supporting our innovation.

Thormac have acquired four new injection moulding machines using their support, as well-as compressor technologies, marketing supports and an Enterprise Resource Planning system. Their support has also helped navigate challenges brought on by BREXIT, as-well-as the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Discover more about Enterprise Ireland at:


Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR)

Enabling technology to gain an advantage

Irish Manufacturing Research, also known as IMR, are a Research and Technology Organisation that enable companies to be world leading manufacturers. The purpose of the organisation is to clarify emerging technologies and to provide in-depth research. This helps to make these emerging technologies more accessible to manufacturers.

IMR’s involvement also allows Irish companies to be early adopters of these technologies at a global scale, giving them a competitive advantage over companies who adopt these at a later stage.

Thormac has availed of many of the services offered by IMR, such as industrial research, consultancy and training. Their involvement has been crucial to Thormac’s success over the last number of years, and they have been invaluable in ensuring that Thormac remains a leading manufacturing company.

Find out more about IMR here:

Industry Research & Development Group (IRDG)

Driving innovation and opportunity


The Industry Research & Development Group (or IRDG) are a non-profit network of Irish organisations that drive innovation. IRDG helps members increase return on investment in research, development and innovation. They also help businesses to access supports and develop capabilities that can create organisational success.

IRDG has been an important partner for Thormac, as they have provided representation, funding support and opportunities for networking and collaboration. As a result, Thormac has developed many beneficial partnerships and accessed supports that has helped our growth over the last number of years.

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Supply Network Shannon (SNS)

Connecting organisations in the mid and southwest

Supply Network Shannon is a network that represents companies in the mid & southwest of Ireland. SNS facilitate business opportunities, business development and advance market focus. The organisation also facilitates the development of members and enables collaboration between different industries and sectors.

Thormac has been a member of SNS for a number of years and, as a result, has gained beneficial relationships and valuable partnerships during this time.

Visit the SNS website here to learn more:

Our Partners Trust Us

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