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Our engineers are experts in fields ranging from injection moulding, anti-static treatment, metal substitution, along with Project Management, Value Added Assembly and Supply Chain Management expertise. We’re here to help your business succeed.

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We Are Committed to helping our partners overcome any challenge and attain spectacular results.

Thormac is a one stop shop, leading plastic design and injection moulder, that has beenmanufacturing in Shannon since 1979. Formerly a privately managed company, it is nowled by the management team of Maurice McLernon, Sean Ryan, Mike Brody and Colm Daly.

With a focus on custom plastic part design, prototype development, large part moulding and contract manufacturing, we supply our clients with the best available produc tsolutions at low to medium volumes.

Values we live by


Collaboration with our partners

Thormac has a proud history of working closely with our partners so together we can achieve their desired goals. Our customers’ success is our success.


Passion for results

The proof is in the pudding. At Thormac we are results driven, not just for ourselves but for our customers too. No target is too ambitious. We like a challenge.


Constantly improving

At thormac we don’t just invest in equipment we also invest in our talent pool. Continuous upskilling of our workforce allows us to stay at the cutting edge of plastic design and injection moulding.

Our Team of Experts

Team Thormac

With decades of proven experience, our team is prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Leadership Team

An agile and disciplined approach to leadership means a strong framework for dealing in complex environments. Our close knit team as a wealth of knowledge and breath of experience unparalleled in the plastics industry enabling it to negotiate the unexpected while strategically planning for the future.

Our Success Is Our Staff​

We have a team of dedicated staff that combine to manage the supply chain for all of our customers. Thormacs highly motivated employees are committed to and encouraged to draw on each other’s strengths and develop each other’s skills to create a team that will ultimately be of greater service to the customer.

Sean Ryan

Managing Director

Maurice McLernon

Maurice Mclernon

Business Development Manager

Mike Brody

Mike Brody

General Manager

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan

Warehouse Manager

Colm Daly

Colm Daly

Tooling Engineer

Lucille Earls

Lucille Earls

Quality Inspector


We manufacture with a variety of materials here at Thormac, in order to provide the best service for our clients.

CodeDescriptionUSED FOR: 
Silicone Low thermal conductivity, low chemical reactivity, ,low toxicity, resistance to UV, O2 and ozone. Low thermal conductivity, low chemical reactivity, low toxicity, resistance to UV, O2 and ozone. 
PA66 Heat ageing stabilized, good flow and mould release properties, good surface. High strength and stiffness at high pressure - very commonly used material in textile and automotive industries 
PA6 High rigidity, high heat resistance, good flow and mould release properties. Commonly used in industrial gears, propellers and automive parts 
PVC Excellent chemical resistance & low water absorption, good dimensional strength. Versatile material with many uses, from Medical Devices to water pipes 
PC UV stabilised, easily released, low viscosity, available in transparent/translucent/water absorption. Available in a variety of colours, used in lenses for eyewear, automotive components, protective equipment and lighting, 
PMMA High mechanical strength, highly scratch resistant, low moisture/water absorption. Can be used as an alternative to glass, used for windows, aquariums and drug delivery systems. 
TPU High elasticity, transparency, oil/grease resistance, high abrasion resistance, high shear strength. Flexible material used in tubing, instrument panels and medical devices. 
PBT Excellent electrical/mechanic/chemical properties, excellent temperature resistance, high resistance to fuels, oil, fats and many solvents, excellent wear property and weatherability. Used in insulating electronics, and also in creating automive parts and switches. 
PVDF Flame retardant, excellent surface finish, corrosion resistance. Use in semiconductors and chemical tank linings. 
Valox Excellent chemical and heat resistance, flame retardancy, good temperature performance, very good processibility. Commonly used for automotive components, oil components and household appliances. 
ABS Dimensional stability, toughness (even at low temperature), chemical resistance Used to produce automotive trim parts, refrigeration units and keyboard keys. 
LNP Heat and UV stabilised, enhance base resin stiffness and dimensional tolerance, flame retardancy. Used in consumer products for flame retardancy, as-well-as healthcare and electrical products. 
KYDEX KYDEX injection moulding resins are available in both fully compliant and vertical burn compliant grades. Multitude of uses in the Medical and Aviation industries. Used to manufacture medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic equipment and aircraft interior parts.


One of our strengths lies in the wide range of tonnage machines we have. 

This gives us the ability to satisfy all of our clients requirements, for both large and small parts. 

Fanuc 300TWittman Battenfeld 240 TAPM 1100 T
Fanuc 150TWittmann Battenfeld 180 TWittmann Battenfeld 640T
Fanuc 100TAPM 90TSandretto 550 T
Fanuc 100TAPM 50TSandretto 500 T
Sandretto 50TSandretto 400 T
Wittman Battenfeld 350 T

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