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Mould Design and Mould Flow Analysis

Analysing the Moulding Process

Toolmakers, designers and moulders use Mould Flow Analysis to see how the polymer flow will work during the moulding process. We use specialist software to replicate the injection moulding process. This enables us to identify any possible weaknesses in a proposed design. It also highlights appropriate locations for closures, cooling considerations and as to whether warpage is likely to be an issue.

The Benefits

There are a number of considerations such as:

  • Gate Location.
  • Moulding Window.  
  • Fill.
  • Cooling Time.
  • Sink Mark.
  • Fill & Pack.
  • Warpage.

Over the years, we have developed our mould flow technology and analysis processes to be best in practice. As a result, this expertise can help our clients maintain the highest levels of quality in the final product.

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