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Thormac provides a full range of Services to support our customers whatever their requirements from Project Management, and White Room services to Prototype Development and Sub-contract Manufacturing. Whatever your need we can cater for it. Why not give us a call and see how we can help you.

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Product Design and Prototyping

Helping move a new business concept from a vision to a reality.

A Prototype Can Help Move a New Business Concept From a Vision to a Reality

Here at Thormac, prototype development is an area in which we have a long and successful track record. Our team work will work with you to achieve your goal. We can offer consultancy services to help new businesses consider the issues around manufacturing and we can help develop a prototype to progress the concept.

We Have the Expertise You Need

Our engineers have worked on many injection moulding design projects related to most types of industries. As a consequence, we can offer the expertise that you need at this stage of the manufacturing process.

Our expertise in 3D printing of parts and input from our partners, helps to deliver design services for mould tools. We work with our customers to identify the requirement, design the tool and build a prototype to test the design before the tool is built.

Start by talking to our design and consultancy team today for all the advice and guidance you need to transform your idea into an efficient, cost effective and profitable product.


  • Accuracy. 
  • Speed.
  • Repeatability.
  • Clean and environmentally friendly.
  • Most cost effective for part complexity.
  • Most cost effective for volume manufacturing.
Injection Moulding

Sub Contract Manufacturing

Best In-House Service

For companies that require an outsourcing partner, Thormac offers the best in house service in injection moulding and in addition, to compliment this we also offer value added services such as assembly.

A Service Built on Shared Knowledge

Our OEM partners consider Thormac contract manufacturing an extension of their manufacturing operations – providing them an integrated, streamlined, turnkey, cost-effective manufacturing process for assemblies through finished products.

Thormacs contract manufacturing builds on the knowledge, partnership and working systems we already share with our customers, with more value-added solutions that make their jobs even easier – including design, purchasing, assembly, short- and long-run production, complex assembly, secondary operations, testing, packaging and shipping.

Project Management

We have the experience and expertise you can rely on for the best possible outcome.

Aiming for the Best Possible Outcome

Whether you are undertaking a project involving a new product, retooling of an existing product, or an entire project transfer, we have the experience and expertise you can rely on for the best possible outcome.

Co-ordinating Multiple Disciplines to Deliver Your Goals

Our project managers job is to co-ordinate activities across multiple disciplines in order to complete your project within the timeline and agreed budget, and to the required performance level.

Our clients rely on us to deliver precision injection moulding at competitive pricing, and to offer design capabilities and insight to produce the perfect component – every time. We work closely with our clients and offer insight to the manufacturing process that brings the product from design or prototype to volume manufacture. Key issues such as manufacturability of design, optimum materials, cost reducing design changes and automation processes are crucial elements to successful production.

If your requirements are related to the injection moulding process, we can guide you through the project in a clear, direct way. We have a range of machines in house to deliver your requirements and these include Sandretto, Desma and Wittmann Battenfeld machines.

Central to our injection moulding Project Management services is:

  • Our in-depth experience in the sector
  • Our advanced management skills
Injection moulding tripods.

Design to Manufacture for Injection Moulded Products

Designing or engineering a product so that it is easy to manufacture at the lowest possible price.

Designing for Efficient Production and Low Cost

Design for Manufacturing is the process of designing or engineering a product so that it is easy to manufacture at the lowest possible price. The process includes a review of the raw material selection, secondary processes (finishing, plating), dimensional requirements and even final packaging.


  1. Reduces material, overhead and labour cost
  2. Shortens the product development cycle
  3. Focuses on standards to reduce cost

Key Principles in the DFM Process:

  • Minimize part count
  • Standardize parts and materials
  • Create modular assemblies
  • Design for efficient joining
  • Minimize re-orientation of parts during assembly and/or machining
  • Simplify and reduce the number of manufacturing operations
  • Specify ‘acceptable’ surface finishes for functionality
Design to Manufacture Injected Moulded Parts

Value Added Services

We have developed skills sets in electromechanical assembly and supply chain management.

Post Moulding Capability

We find that some of our customers want more than just traditional injection moulding. In response, we have developed skills sets in electromechanical assembly and supply chain management to provide post moulding capability to our customers.

Value Added Services (thermoking)

Supply Chain Management Systems

To support the value add assembly process service within our business, Thormac offers supply chain management solutions. We provide partially and completely finished product to our customers. We manage customer approved vendors using EPICOR Advantage.

Maximising Our Experience and Systems for Our Customers Benefit

From design, through to delivery, we offer integrated, agile and collective supply chain systems from our extensive experience amassed over many years. This in turn leads to effective supplier relations, timely response to market needs, and reliable and cost effective solutions. Our engineering team and production staff work hand in hand with supply chain management to ensure continuity of supply, quality of product and cost efficiency.

Injection Moulding

A Wide Range of Tooling Support

Thormac offers a wealth of knowledge from the perspective of producing tooling that is “fit for purpose” for a prototype run, pre-production, low annual volume or fast cycling high volume production.

Tooling Analysis and Solutions

In order to arrive at the correct tooling package for the application we analyse the customer’s requirement and expectations, the expected tooling budget and the anticipated life cycle of the product in order to achieve the most satisfactory result in the shortest time for the least cost.

  • Thormac offers a full range of tooling solutions from ground up tool build and commissioning, to tool refurbishment and tooling optimisation.
  • We use a network of international and local toolmakers. This enables us to offer a large degree of flexibility on cost, quality and lead time.
  • We also offer project management services for commissioning of tooling.

Quality Standards

The ongoing drive towards quality manufacturing practices and the heavily regulated environment in which manufacturers operate in has resulted in strong demand for white room manufacturing conditions.

Controlled Environment

Here at Thormac, our white room facilities provide the rigorous adherence to cleanliness and product handling, for the injection moulding of devices, or packaging for products that do not require clean room manufacture.

These more controlled settings provide added confidence that products are both manufactured and packaged cleanly, eliminating any concerns about unwanted contamination.



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